On breeding terms

On breeding terms

June 11th, 2009

I sent a little note to a great dane kennel today, in their guestbook, because I just thought that the puppies were so cute. I deeply feel that Anton could be one of those puppies, but I’m not sure of that yet. If I can become an animal breeder, but with breeding terms (in swedish we call it to be fodervärd) wich means that I should take care of the dog, and I do not hav to purchase the dog. Instead I just have to pay for the food and other general stuff, such as toys and food bowls. The dog is still the kennel’s on paper, but I shall take care for him/her.

The general contract of this is usually for bitches, at least 1 or 2 puppy litters, then the dog is yours. If you have a male, and he turns out to be healthy, there are a few contributes of sperm that is called for by the kennel owner.

I really  hope that I get to have Anton on breeding terms, because that will save my finances greatly. If something should happen to the dog, the kennel will pay the veterenarian bills. I only have to pay for the general vaccination shots.

Det är är ett utdrag från min engelska blogg jag skrev innan idag. Är så stolt över min användning av ord, så jag tänkte att det hade varit bra om fler hade sett det. Är ju inne i en lite sämre period just nu, då man inte gillar sig själv speciellt mycket, så det lilla jag kan göra för att få mig själv att må bättre tänker jag utnyttja till fullo. Läs o njut, eller nått.